Find Amazing Houses for Sale in Highvale, Camp Mountain and Bunya

When you are setting out to buy property in the Samford and Camp Mountain area, you need real estate agents who can sell your home in an unconventional way. Postcode Property, located in Samford, has only been operating for 15 months — we sold $30 million in residential sales in our first six months open. That means we are doing something right, and we want both prospective buyers and sellers to join us in our goal to market great houses for sale in Camp Mountain and investment properties in this quaint region of Queensland.

At Postcode Property, we consider ourselves a boutique real estate office. Headquartered in a converted church, we only have one location in Samford Village and we dedicate all our time to helping our clients. Finding the right houses for sale in Bunya or Highvale can be difficult enough, but if you don't work with the right real estate agents, you will sour on the experience. Principal agent Matthew Cruice sold his previous real estate business so that he could open a new one to sell and buy real estate in the way clients need.

Postcode Property Will Help You Find Dream Houses for Sale in Bunya In our short history, we have helped many Australians buy and sell property in the Highvale, Camp Mountain and Bunya areas. This area of the Queensland coast is desirable for its beauty and tranquillity. As a result, you need relaxed but focused real estate agents to work with and help you get to know the true nature of the area. Postcode Property is the small business you need to find your dream home.

Starting the buying and selling process is as easy as visiting our website at There, you can browse our houses for sale and take a look at beautiful photographs of the properties we represent. If you're interested in selling, fill out our online form so we can get started selling your home in a fast and reliable way.

Postcode Property puts clients first, and that's why we've built such a great reputation in just a short time. With just a few staff members, we've managed to spread the word in the Samford and Camp Mountain area that we're a serious business that works for the clients' needs.

Have a Great Buying Experience

Finding houses for sale in Highvale, Camp Mountain and Bunya should not be a negative process. Often, prospective buyers and sellers feel stressed about the sales process and they may end up making less-than-ideal decisions. Postcode Property works to ease your mind and ensure that you are making the best buying/selling decision for yourself and your family. You don't want to rush into a sale you don't want to make just because you are tired of the process.

Looking at houses for sale in Queensland should be a fun and exciting journey for everyone. You should be able to take your time without feeling pressured by an impatient real estate agent who wants to get home for tea. Postcode Property will stay with you the whole way and give you the experience you deserve.